The Reasons Why I’m Shopping Small this Christmas and Why You Should Too!

I love shopping for others during the holidays. Giving gifts is a way to show someone else that you care for them. And yes, I will be dressing in my Christmas attire, heading out during the wee hours of the morning on Black Friday, and checking off a few of my boxes on my Christmas list. After all, shopping Black Friday has become a tradition for the girls in my family. However, this year I will be shopping small as much as I can! Why, you ask? Read on to find out my friend!

I get to support someone’s dream. You see, each small business represents someone dream. There is always a person, a family, a story behind each one. Our family loves these stories! We love that each time we make a purchase from the small shops we have grown to love, we are supporting someone’s dream and helping it become a reality! What a fantastic feeling!

You find unique items you can’t find anywhere else. Of course there will Buzz-Saw Louie at every store and everyone you know will be getting one (yes that is a Veggie Tales reference! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can click here.), but what about giving something different for a change? My sister is the best gift giver ever! She always finds something thoughtful and unique. I have learned so much from her over the years and have really been trying to put more thought into what I give. You know, not just giving to give. Shopping small gives me options for gift giving that I simply can’t get in department stores.

I can finally find something for the difficult ones. Let’s face it, some people are just hard to shop for. Because small businesses have unique products, I’m able to find something for those who want things in even the most unique niche.

Many small businesses are now located online. Honestly, a lot of the small businesses I will be buying from this year are online. This is great for me, because I cannot stand the traffic this time of year! Shopping online means I don’t have to worry about traffic at all. In fact I’m able to do most of my shopping after my boys are tucked snuggly in their beds and from the comfort of my couch. Score!

There are so many reasons to shop small this holiday season and we only scratched the surface. If your looking for gifts for her this year, check out today! What are some of your reasons for shopping small this year?

Perfect Holiday Dresses and the Reasons You’ll Love Them!

I love dressing up! Yes, me! Who woulda thunk right? 😉 The holiday season is filled with family get togethers, parties, and other occasions that call for dressing your best. For this reason, I have put a list together of some gorgeous pieces here at that will make you the best dressed guest, guaranteed!

Sophia is THE perfect party dress! This dress is currently available in blush and black. This adorable tank dress has a beautiful gold belt with a tassel detail. The best part of this dress though is the tulle skirt! This dress can be worn as is or with a cardigan. Picture Sophia in black with a red cardigan and you have an adorable look for Christmas. I love dressing this one up with my favorite heels and statement necklace. In fact, Sophia in black is the dress I am planning to wear to Thanksgiving this year, but more about that look later.

Valentina is a classic and looks incredible on any figure! This mock wrap dress is available in black. We suggest pairing it with your favorite heals or wedges, as it is a full length maxi. Picture Valentina with one of our Stella Statement Necklace sets and a gorgeous updo. This look would be perfect for a holiday concert or a night at the theater. Just thinking about it makes me want to buy some tickets to the Nutcracker (why, yes this will be showing at the Staz in December!).

Lyla is such a feminine skirt, which is also available in black. (Starting to see a trend here?) Why such a feminine skirt you ask? It could be the black lace or it could be the pleated tulle overlay, you take your pick! Lyla looks fantastic with a cami and cardigan, but we also dare you to pair this high waisted skirt with a tucked in sweater. It would look adorable with a black and white striped sweater, red sweater, or even pink! We adore this skirt with our white scalloped cami and love it even more paired with red velvet heals!

Last but certainly not least, is Allie. We could not talk about holiday dresses without mentioning our special edition holiday dress! This. Dress. Is. Adorable. The plaid pattern makes it the perfect dress to wear from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s and every holiday in between! We love this one paired with knee high boots. The long sleeves can be buttoned up and be worn as 3/4 length. Adorable with tights, a beanie, a statement necklace, you name it! Dress it up, dress it down, we just can’t get enough of Allie!

Check out today for even more holiday dresses, skirts, and accessories!

Why Boutique Shopping?

I love to shop, this is obvious to anyone who knows me.  I like to shop at department stores, love going to outlet malls, enjoy shopping online, and I especially love to shop at boutiques.  Long before Lydia & Lilac was even a thought, I loved boutique shopping.  Why?  I mean it’s so simple to just run up to my local department store and find an adorable something to buy for any occasion (which is something I still frequently do!). However, there is something special about shopping at a boutique, so I have put together a list of reasons why I love it so much!

1. You Always Find Something Unique 

When I shop at boutiques I always find something a bit unique that they don’t have at my favorite department store.  It’s nice to have something different in my closet.  When I shop at boutiques I am able to find amazing patterns and textures that are not always available at local department stores.

2. It’s Less Overwhelming

This summer when looking for the perfect dress to wear to my nieces wedding (which is actually what brought about Lydia & Lilac and you can read about it here), I was insanely overwhelmed at the department stores.  There were way too many choices.  I wasn’t able to really look at anything because there were so many things everywhere.  When I shop boutiques, they have just the right amount of choices.  I am able to easily see what they have without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.

3. The Experience

Have you ever walked into a boutique and thought “everything in this place is so me!”?  Well, I certainly have.  When you find a boutique that is in your niche, it’s a beautiful thing!  This is different from the department store, because instead of trying to stock something for every single person who walks in the door, boutiques are curated with there customers in mind.  For example, at Lydia & Lilac we curate beautiful, feminine clothing perfect for every day wear or special occasions.  When you are looking for something to make you feel lovely and feminine, you know you can find it here!  We love boutique shopping, because we know everything has been hand selected with us in mind.  What a special feeling!

Next time you are wondering whether or not to try out that lovely little boutique, we hope you do!

Finding the Perfect Logo

So you have heard the tale of how our lovely little boutique got started.  If you haven’t read it yet, you can find it here.  However, you have yet to hear the story about finding the perfect logo.

Back when we first decided that we would open a boutique, we of course started to think about a name.  I wanted something with meaning, that would represent our boutique well, and that I would never tire of.  I had an ongoing list that included all sorts of combinations.  There was a day however, while shopping in Target ( I know this surprises you, the thought of me shopping of all things!), when it came to me…Lydia!  Lydia exemplified the qualities we wanted to represent in our boutique.  She was a strong business woman, sold the best of goods, and grew to love the Lord.  Feminine, strong, beautiful, perfect!

I had originally looked into Lydia’s Boutique, but that name was already taken.  I began to think of things I could pair it with.  Well Lydia was the seller of purple, but Lydia and Purple just didn’t sound right to me!  It was soon after that I began to think of other names of purple.  I remembered hearing my Grandma Gron tell me how much she loved lilac when I was a little girl, so there it was Lydia & Lilac!

Now we had this beautiful name, but no idea on how to make a logo.  I know I really wanted to incorporate lilacs, wanted it to look feminine, and wanted it to be unique.  The search began.  I looked into several options, but just could not afford a custom logo at this point in the game.  So I turned to the best creative website I know and began my search for logos on Etsy.

I knew that I was going to have to settle on a logo that was not a one of a kind, but that was ok with me.  It was a starting point and I was ok with it.  I began searching like crazy.  I found logos I liked, but the colors were wrong or I found the perfect colors and the wrong style logo.  I put “lilac logo” in the search bar for kicks, I mean there are a ton of lilac logos out there, right?  Of course not, but I wanted to at least see.  I was scrolling through several options when I saw it!  The perfect logo by Pixel & Peony!  I genuinely could not have asked for something more perfect!  As I clicked on the logo and began to read about it, I found out that this was a one of a kind!  Not another one like this we be sold.  At this point I was thrilled!

I made my purchase and contacted Pixel & Peony about the wording of the logo.  When I got the proofs, I was extacic!  She did a phenomenal job!

If you are looking for the perfect logo, I highly recommend Pixel & Peony.  Her work is gorgeous and costumer service is amazing.  The price was perfect and the turn around time was very short, so much quicker than I thought it may be.  She specializes in logos, flyers, and personal branding.  If you are looking for a logo for your blog or business, I highly recommend Pixel & Peony!  Check them out on Etsy today at

The post was not sponsored by Pixel & Peony.  We just loved our experience so much, that we wanted to share!  We are sure you will love them too! 

Why Choose Lydia & Lilac?

We’ve all been there, right?  Trying to decide whether or not to make that purchase.  You know, the one that keeps calling your name.  After thinking about it, visiting the site multiple times, and making sure that perfect item is within your budget, you push the button to make the purchase.

Now you anxiously await its arrival.  The doorbell rings and here it is!  Your rip open the package and hold your new purchase in your hands.  You’re in love!  You never knew you needed a pink tulle skirt until this very moment in time!  You could have this same experience at any boutique, right?  So what is it about Lydia & Lilac that is different?
It is our hope here at Lydia and Lilac that you enjoy each and every purchase.  We know that just because we do not have a storefront, it doesn’t mean we cannot make your purchase a pleasant and personal experience.
In fact, when we were creating our website, a lot of thought went into making your time here lovely.  We began by asking ourselves, if we had a physical location, what would it be like?  For one, we would offer fruit infused water, tea, or coffee when our guests enter the door.

We would love for you to feel at home and feel free to sit on our luxurious velvet sofas while chatting with us about what brings you to our boutique.

Maybe you are looking for a special occasion or maybe you are just enjoying the day out shopping with your best friend.  We would have our curated collections beautifully displayed in a way that allows you to see the artistic beauty found in each piece.
Finally, upon the completion of your purchase, we would wrap your items in tissue paper for a special touch.
We tried to bring as many elements of our fictitious store front to our website as possible.  When you browse our collections, we want you to really be able to see the beauty in each piece, so we have tried to arrange our collections in a way that is not overwhelming.
We encourage you to relax and drink your favorite cup of tea and enjoy the time you spend here.
Finally, each time your purchase arrives, you will find it wrapped in tissue paper or your accessories placed in a gift box.
It is our hope that you know just how much we care about our customers, that we want to take the time out to make them feel special and appreciated.  So, why don’t you kick back with a cup of coffee and browse our boutique collections today?
                                                                                                             Have a lovely day!

Get the Inside Scoop Here!

We want to start our new adventure of Lydia & Lilac by welcoming you to our site and telling you a little about us.  We hope you have already had time to check out our about us tab on the Lydia & Lilac website.  If not, you can find it here.
The idea of Lydia & Lilac began just a short time ago.  In fact, it really started because of my niece who was getting married in the middle of summer.
Finding a dress for the event became what felt like an insurmountable chore.  I began to look at every department stores website  I could think of.  Unfortunately, the outcome was the same for each one I visited.

I was overwhelmed by hundreds of dresses, which I combed through for hours.  By the end I had a glazed look in my eye as I told my husband, Jerry, “I hate this, I just hate this.”  He never thought he would hear these words escape my mouth in regards to shopping.  Ever.
You see, I love shopping, I mean I love it!  As a mother of three boys who often does not get to look at anything that does not involve super heroes, cars, nerf guns, or Star Wars, I look for any chance I can get to look at pretty, lace, sparkly, and pink.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love that my boys are all boy, but I do need a break from Darth Vader from time to time.
So, I am looking at website after website of the same old thing when a thought crosses my mind, what about an online boutique?  For the hundredth time, I go back to google and begin my search, this time with a  very different outcome.

I fell in love as I went from site to site.  Instead of being overwhelmed and frustrated, I was beginning to actually enjoy the experience.
How were these boutiques different from the department store?  Well, for one I was easily able to browse through their entire collection, something that was nearly impossible at all of the other sites I had visited.  Looking at five pages of dresses was so much more realistic than looking at forty-five.  I also loved how delicate and feminine the collections were.

It was then that this crazy thought crossed my mind, “I could do this”.  What?  I couldn’t believe I just thought that!  Me.  The one who every time my husband mentioned the idea of starting a business, would act like I didn’t hear him or quickly answer, “But they’re sooo much work!”
The thought crossed my mind again, this time not only the thought that I could do this, but the thought that I would like to do this!
From that point on everything happened rather quickly and seamlessly.  My husband was more than on board, he was offering ideas and suggestions right away.  We were eager to get started and just 5 weeks later, we had a boutique!
It is my sincere hope that you enjoy looking through our collection, that it is a pleasant experience for you, and that you find something that makes your feel lovely.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
I guess the question is, was I able to find something for my nieces wedding?  The answer is yes, I found a beautiful dress from a wonderful boutique.  It was perfect for the occasion.  Although, had Lydia & Lilac been established before the event took place, I probably would have worn Sophia in Blush!


Originally posted on the site on July 29, 2017.