Our Story

A Lovely Little Life Blog began because of our lovely little boutique, Lydia & Lilac.  As our boutique began to grow, it became evident that it was time to separate our blog from our boutique to support our growth.  We would love for you to read our story below and visit us at lydiaandlilac.com today!

Inspired by Lydia, the seller of purple, Lydia & Lilac was established by Michelle with the support of her wonderful husband Jerry.  Lydia has served as a reminder to Michelle that women can be strong, hard workers, and that each has been given the beautiful role to care for their families.  Lydia fulfilled this role by sharing the Lord with her family, serving Him through hospitality, and providing for her family by selling brilliant purple cloths. Michelle’s love of texture and color came from both her grandmother and mother.  As a young woman, Michelle’s grandmother worked as a seamstress for a bridal boutique in Chicago.  Michelle still has the vintage style dresses she and her grandmother made together in her wardrobe.  Michelle’s mother has created breathtaking dresses, quilts, and purses for her daughters, granddaughters, and countless others, which is an art she has shared with her daughters in the form of sewing, crocheting, and knitting.  Michelle hopes that Lydia & Lilac inspires women to lead beautiful lives, just the way that the women in her life have inspired her.  Her sisters, grandmothers, mother, mother-in-law, and nieces have truly shown her what beauty is, it comes from the inside out, just as we are reminded of by 1 Peter 3:4.  Each piece from Lydia & Lilac has been carefully chosen by Michelle.  Each quality piece was chosen for its exquisite texture, color, and feminine touch.  We hope you enjoy our collection and that you are able to find something that makes you feel lovely!