My Theme for 2018

The idea of creating a theme for the new year instead of a resolution is one that has been popping up all over the blogging community. I first read an article on this several weeks ago and thought to myself, “sounds interesting.” You can read the first blog I read about themes for the new year over at I have never been one to really make New Years resolutions. It’s not that I’m against them or anything (unlike my husband who made a resolution to not have New Years resolutions anymore and he has stuck to it ever since! LOL), but I just don’t really stick with them. Instead I find myself creating goals, getting myself in check, and reflecting throughout the year. This is why the thought of a theme is so alluring.

You may be wondering to yourself what exactly I’m talking about. You are not alone in this. I didn’t really get the whole theme idea at first either. Basically a theme for the upcoming year means choosing an area of focus and incorporating changes into your life that build upon that focus. For example some of the themes floating around out there focus on self care, financial freedom, or health. Those who are choosing themes are not creating goals per say, but rather incorporating many things into their daily lives that represent their theme. Let’s delve a little deeper by taking a closer look at my theme for this year, healthy living.

I’m choosing this theme because it literally encompasses all aspects of my life physically, spiritually, and mentally. 2017 has been an absolute whirlwind in which all things healthy have fallen to the wayside. Truth is I’ve been so busy trying to get through each day that surviving became my only focus. This probably has a lot to do with finishing up my second masters degree, launching a business, and starting a blog all the while keeping up with my other commitments and responsibilities. Now that I’m finished with my degree I hope to have more time to focus on other areas of my life. This year I don’t want to just survive, I want to grow and thrive!

By focusing on healthy living, I’m not just talking about eating well and exercising (although this will be a part of my theme for this year as well). For me getting healthy goes beyond this, I want healthy living to seep into everything I do. I’m going to take a closer look at getting our finances on track, spending more time in God’s Word, reading a book (or 2), writing, getting more rest, drinking more water, spending more time investing in my relationships, and the list could go on! See, by choosing a theme instead of a resolution, I can concentrate on so much more. I will feel successful any time I do something that incorporates my theme. With a theme for the new year, success doesn’t come at the end when I check off the boxes, success comes each time I take a step in the right direction! How bout you? Are you making a resolution or going with a theme this year?

Happy New Year!

17 thoughts on “My Theme for 2018

  1. I do not make resolutions. I don’t ever stick to them to be honest. I love this concept. I am going to focus on my finances they have never been the best I am definitely focusing on turning that round in 2018. Really inspired by your article 🙂


  2. i think it all starts with healthy living! when i was recovering from my knee surgery i can’t move lot and felt down and sluggish! but now im back in the gym and staying active, everything is just more vibrant!


  3. Nicole says:

    I’m a big lover of New Years resolutions – but I’m taking a break from them this year because I realized that I was just making the same resolutions every year, and they were pretty much just attempts to make myself into someone who ‘fits’ in a bit better. Like you, I keep hearing about setting a theme AND I’m with you on self-care being a great theme. Health goes so much deeper than just what you eat and how much exercise you get. Good luck taking care of you this year. Happy New Year!


  4. I love this idea. That way I won’t feel like I have failed when I have so many opportunities to work on my theme. I’m thinking my theme will be growth. I’m thinking of educating myself to be a better blogger and mother. I’d love to grow my relationships and grow my list of healthy meal ideas. Lol. Thanks for this inspiring post!! Much love to you this year! ❤️


  5. hobbiesandcents says:

    I love this! I didn’t pick a specific theme this year because I have multiple goals. I did however pick a word of the year which is INTENTIONAL because I want to be more intentional with the way I live my life in all areas.


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