What I’m Wearing to Thanksgiving

So this post is finally here! I have actually been waiting for months for this one, because I knew since the moment our Sophia Tank Dress in Black arrived that it would be the dress I would wear to our Thanksgiving celebration.

I love tulle skirts, so Sophia is of course one of my favorites at Lydia & Lilac. This may be due to the fact that I took four years of ballet in high school and absolutely loved the art. In fact I was almost a dance minor in college, but life happens and I took a different path. I still have hopes that one day I may return to fine arts, but that’s in God’s hands now. I may also love tulle skirts because they are sooo girly! As a mother of 3 boys, I often feel that I’m out numbered, so I tend to dress as girly as possible just because I’m the only one I get to dress up…lol.

Anyway, back to Thanksgiving. I always enjoy picking out something special to wear for the holiday and unbeknownst to most, I actually put quite a bit of thought into what I will wear this day every year. So I knew Sophia was perfect and there was no doubt about the fact that I would wear a beautiful statement necklace with it. This just left shoes and a cardigan.

Well, most of the clothes I wear these days are from Lydia & Lilac. However there was a day in September that I was at Target and I came across a solution for both my shoes and my sweater. I found the perfect cardigan for the occasion with colors ranging from browns to burgundies to yellows. I also found some really adorable burgundy, lace-up, peep toes with a chunky heel. I loved the colors in the cardigan and the shoes, because they really give the entire look such a rich fall feel.

If your looking for a great outfit for your holiday get together, look no further than lydiaandlilac.com!

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