Why Choose Lydia & Lilac?

We’ve all been there, right?  Trying to decide whether or not to make that purchase.  You know, the one that keeps calling your name.  After thinking about it, visiting the site multiple times, and making sure that perfect item is within your budget, you push the button to make the purchase.

Now you anxiously await its arrival.  The doorbell rings and here it is!  Your rip open the package and hold your new purchase in your hands.  You’re in love!  You never knew you needed a pink tulle skirt until this very moment in time!  You could have this same experience at any boutique, right?  So what is it about Lydia & Lilac that is different?
It is our hope here at Lydia and Lilac that you enjoy each and every purchase.  We know that just because we do not have a storefront, it doesn’t mean we cannot make your purchase a pleasant and personal experience.
In fact, when we were creating our website, a lot of thought went into making your time here lovely.  We began by asking ourselves, if we had a physical location, what would it be like?  For one, we would offer fruit infused water, tea, or coffee when our guests enter the door.

We would love for you to feel at home and feel free to sit on our luxurious velvet sofas while chatting with us about what brings you to our boutique.

Maybe you are looking for a special occasion or maybe you are just enjoying the day out shopping with your best friend.  We would have our curated collections beautifully displayed in a way that allows you to see the artistic beauty found in each piece.
Finally, upon the completion of your purchase, we would wrap your items in tissue paper for a special touch.
We tried to bring as many elements of our fictitious store front to our website as possible.  When you browse our collections, we want you to really be able to see the beauty in each piece, so we have tried to arrange our collections in a way that is not overwhelming.
We encourage you to relax and drink your favorite cup of tea and enjoy the time you spend here.
Finally, each time your purchase arrives, you will find it wrapped in tissue paper or your accessories placed in a gift box.
It is our hope that you know just how much we care about our customers, that we want to take the time out to make them feel special and appreciated.  So, why don’t you kick back with a cup of coffee and browse our boutique collections today?
                                                                                                             Have a lovely day!

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